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Those old enough to remember it will recall the following line from a TV commercial:
"I've got a headache THIS big, and it has Excedrin written ALL over it..."

For America-lovers and admirers of Thomas Jefferson, who consider his Monticello to be hallowed ground in the advocacy and defense of liberty and private property rights, you'll need a few Excedrin, and probably a half-bottle of Pepto-Bismol, to make it through all these videos.

This is the raw, uncensored face of local anarchists, many of whom are affiliated with larger communist-socialist front groups, who took it upon themselves to disrupt and subvert what could have, and should have been a non-partisan welcoming of 72 new American citizens.

Great job, guys (and gals): You simultaneously gave Charlottesville, VA a huge, national black eye, while exposing yourselves for the howling, liberty-hating moonbats you actually are. Pay special attention to the local Code Pink* woman who jumped up, screaming at President Bush, and attempted to rush the stage upon which he was speaking. (*for more information, see "Update, July 11," below)

And a special hat-tip to the local news media, which could have reported on what these deranged, America-bashing lunatics were publicly planning --- which you were notified of by this blog, and by other sources --- but you chose not to. More here.

Now, on with the "show."

More to come, we're (sadly) sure.

UPDATE - July 5

From PowerlineBlog:

"The video... shows the mass reenlistement ceremony in the Al Faw Palace rotunda at Camp Victory, Baghdad. The troops chose to celebrate Independence Day in a way that gives expressive form to the price of freedom. According to the Army account, General Petraeus presided over the ceremony and led the airmen, Marines, sailors, and soldiers in their oath to defend their country against all enemies both foreign and domestic. 'You and your comrades here have been described as America's new greatest generation, and, in my view, you have more than earned that description,' Petraeus said. 'It is the greatest of honors to soldier here with you'."

Read the rest, including a moving tribute to a fallen hero, at the above link.

Now, let's imagine, just for a moment, the barking moonbats above, having the courage to go and disrupt General Petraeus in the middle of this ceremony; to claim to each of these soldiers' faces that they are "committing war crimes"; that they are responsible for "the slaughter of 1 million Iraqi civilians"; that they are taking orders from "a war criminal," "a dictator," and "a fascist."

In the ultimate irony, it is soldiers such as these who pay with their courage, sweat and blood for the right of America-bashing, tyranny-worshipping moonbats to spew their lies and propaganda about them, even on July 4, and even on the hallowed ground of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.

God bless America, indeed.


Continuing this theme, here is William Ayers, an unapologetic domestic terrorist* --- whom Barack Obama says is a "friend" of his --- in 2001, standing atop a smaller version of the American flag that the U.S. soldiers, above, are swearing to protect. (*more here, here and here)

More: On September 16, 2001, just days after the 9/11 attacks, and years after Obama became affiliated with him, Ayers was quoted in the New York Times, “America is not a just and fair and decent place." To those who claim that "America is a great country," Ayers said, "it makes me want to puke."

July 8

Thanks to an astute reader who sent in this link to the CCP&J's "trophy" from July 4 - the lion's head they've been panting to hang on their clubhouse wall since it was announced that President Bush was going to speak at Monticello during its July 4 ceremonies.

At the CCP&J website, under the headline,
"Welcoming Bush To Charlottesville," here's their slickly-produced excerpt video, showing the outrage they helped to foment (and which CCP&J board member and "peace activist" David "Gee, I hope no one disrupts the ceremonies" Swanson proudly proclaims he participated in):

So patriotic, it gives you warm fuzzies, hm? (Or sends a nauseating chill down your spine, to think these are our "countrymen").

UPDATE July 11: The raw, "red" face of Code Pink

Thanks to astute reader Jenna for sending in the link to this Code Pink protest outside the Marine Corps recruiting station in San Francisco. According to these protesters, the Marine Corps are "war criminals," but "communism is OK."

We are now bracing for Code Pink apologists and their news media sock puppets to explain how these quotes are not representative of Code Pink, were taken out of context, etc., and that despite appearances, they are the real "patriots" who love America.

Notice how these "protester-patriots" have not a single word of condemnation of genuine fascist dictators who are perpetrating acts of unspeakable savagery in our world, who are threatening to wipe other nations "off the map," and who attacked America on 9/11. Nothing. Unironically, the local branches of these "peace" groups are also all but mum on the subject.

"Peace activists," indeed.


More on Code Pink's (actual) history and (actual) agenda - here, here, here, here.



Ryan said...

I love it how he says, "We believe in free speech in the United States of America" right as his goons are hauling someone away who is exercising free speech.

You can't make this stuff up!

TJ411 said...


His "goons" are the U.S. Secret Service, and the Albemarle County Police, removing barking moonbats who were disrupting an event on private property.

I love how (supposed) "peace" activists decided to breach the peace on private property, then cry because they were thrown off that property.

You can't make this stuff up!

A True Patriot said...

I was there and had hoped that my son and I may actually get the opportunity, to participate in the patriotic appreciation of this great nation, unfettered by left-wing liberal loonies deluding themselves about what real patriotism is. Unfortunately, just like the trip my family took to D.C. a few years back, it was not to be. I had to "tolerate" the ridiculous diatribes of barbarians lacking any sense of decorm, decency, and self-respect. If you hate this country so much, please leve it. Go elsewhere. Too many of my ancestors died to make this country free for me and my children. Since it is so intolerable, you are encouraged to leave. I want my country, and am rapidly approaching the point of being pushed to the same precipice as my founding fathers. Washington, Adams, Madison, Monroe, Jefferson and the rest, were not rebels. They were gentlemen who were pushed to far. How much farther does the liberal loonie left want to push? Individuals like myself may chose to rebel, either through civil political means, or the same means as those great men. Pray we chose the former.

Anonymous said...

I wish the president had said in response, "We have a right to free speech in this country. But certain Americans do not believe in this right. They think that their right to free speech means they can shout you down when you are trying to speak. They do not want you to speak at all. But I know that you, the newest citizens, will teach these extremists what respect for freedom - one's own freedom and the freedom of others - truly means."

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that the CCPJ is going to be holding a meeting soon to "restrategize" and "focus"?

I think we should organize a protest to THEIR meeting! Signs, disruption, etc. Heck, I'll even register as an attendant and start yelling: "Communism sucks!!!" "Kill the terrorists!!!" "Win the war!!!" "Go 'W'!!!"

Anonymous said...

How sad that a very small group of disgruntled citizens chose to interrupt the swearing in of new citizens.

Too bad they don't have the same respect for others that they demand for themselves...unless those others are communists, fascists, or liberals.

Jefferson was right, the tree of liberty must be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots.

Thank God that conservatives were brought up better than this.

I'm embarassed for them.