Friday, July 4, 2008

Letter Writer's Forum

Readers of this blog who want to provide feedback and insights can leave comments at the bottom of each thread, or write to,
the best of which will be published on this thread.

In particular, we're seeking commentaries from (a) those who were at the Monticello ceremonies on July 4, and (b) veterans and veteran's groups, who can help to rebut the incendiary, hateful propaganda and lies about the U.S. military, that many (supposed) "peace" groups rely upon.

Letters are subject to editing for clarity and length. Indicate if you wish to remain anonymous.

(1) From Michael Davis (US Air Force, retired)
Editor's Note: This letter was emailed with the note, "Keep up the great work. Thought you'd like to see what I just emailed to the CCP&J." It makes points that only an American with more than a quarter century of service in the U.S. military can, regarding the incendiary, subversive, lie-filled statements and actions of the CCP&J, and groups like it.
To David Swanson and the Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice:

You and I do not know each other but it is clear we each live on different planets. I come from a world that believes one should give of themselves to others and their country before asking for anything in return, whereas you seem to come from a world where one believes their country owes them everything without expecting anything in return.

It is in that light that I followed your battle cry to protest the naturalization ceremony over which President Bush officiated. I have read many of your posts and articles and have come to the conclusion that the last thing you or your group desires is peace or justice in any form. What is clear to me is that you and the group you represent are completely consumed with absolute hatred; hatred for our President, hatred for our nation, and hatred for our way of life.

You sir, have no idea what constitutes a fascist state. Not only have you never lived in one but you couldn't point one out if it were painted blue on a white world map. You also have no clue what constitutes a dictatorship. Moreover, you appear to actually defend dictatorships, by demanding that the US and the democracies of the world end their oppositions to them. I could spend hours on end listing example after example of where you are wrong in your thinking, but you and I both know it would be a pointless venture. Your hatred for all things American has consumed you, and you and I both know that nothing I say will sway you in your unquenchable desire for personal attention.

However, my point in writing to you is not to tell you what you already know, but to tell you how happy I was to see how wrong you were about believing that any new citizen would ever welcome your personal attacks, on what should have been their most memorable day. No one welcomed your personal attacks or your political antics. They all refused to join your protest of what, for them, should have been a solemn and forever sacred event. You deluded yourself into thinking otherwise, and I relished seeing that you were put down.

I’m sure it was lost on you that these people have spent years learning our history and discovering for themselves what our great nation stands for. They each have spent many sleepless nights and countless days yearning for the moment when they could be officially welcomed and recognized as American citizens. These people have earned their rights through hard work, sweat, and for some, at great risk to join the small fraction of human beings that enjoy the tremendous freedoms known only in America. Yet, your actions to dishonor their commitment brought you neither fame nor praise. Instead, you earned both shame and scorn for both you and your group. You took from these people, something that can never be restored. For that, you sir, are an ass!

For someone like me, it’s easy to see that you have no idea what makes our nation great. I have spent the last 26 years serving in our nation's military.

I have been stationed in numerous countries and been assigned to temporary duty in many more. It’s obvious to me that you have never lived overseas for any length of time. It’s also apparent that you have never stepped one foot into a third-world country to see firsthand what a corrupt government can do to its people.

You obviously have no idea what our nation means to so many people around the world. You also have no idea what our rights and freedoms represent for those who don’t have any of them. That’s because you were given your rights by birth... rights that are protected for you by fellow countrymen, regardless of what you do personally.

You have never had to earn your rights. You have never had to work for a single one of them. You have never had to take an oath of loyalty to secure them for yourself, and you have never had to truly defend them or fight for them for yourself or anyone else. You, like so many others, have always relied upon someone else for that and more.

That is why you have no appreciation for the nation in which you live. That is why you have no appreciation for the rights of others, who fought tooth and nail for the chance to live in the most prosperous nation in the world, and to call themselves "Americans."

People around the world are dying each and every day, yearning for even a small portion of the rights you enjoy each and every day. Yet, you do not choose to protest for them. Instead, you have chosen to spend your time protesting against those who are fighting for them.

You have chosen to side with the dictators, the theocrats, the monarchies of Islam, and the Islamic Jihadists to undermine your nation and the democracies of the world and to prevent the same from liberating millions of people who are subjected to horrors you can only scarcely imagine. You have repeatedly used the tainted statistics of the Lancet report or those of the Opinion Research Business to claim that we have murdered well over 1 million Iraqis.

You have used these and other claims to shield the true horrors that the countries of the Middle East, Africa, and Indonesia impose upon their peoples. Why? As a supposed person of higher learning, you should know that the claims of the Lancet report and those of the ORB have been thoroughly discredited by The New England Journal of Medicine. Their results can be found here:

I may never understand why you have chosen to take sides against your nation, and with those who are working toward our demise, rather than fighting for those who are truly oppressed, and frankly, I don’t know that I want to.

In a way, I’m glad that you and your group protested the naturalization ceremony. You have done in a day what many couldn’t do in a year’s worth of writing; you have shown yourselves to be the hateful group that you are and you have proven that the last thing any of you desire is peace and justice for anyone.

Nice going.

Michael Davis
Unites States Air Force, Retired

(2) From Hank Martin, Albemarle County
(Monticello ceremonies attendee)

Editor's Note: This letter was received shortly after the Monticello ceremonies from a man who attended with his son, and witnessed, on an up-close and personal basis, the vulgar, hateful, America-subverting propaganda displayed by those whom the local news media refers to as "peace activists."
After a perfect morning in regards to both weather, as well as simple human interaction, my son Dan and I found ourselves amongst the three thousand others patiently awaiting to see the naturalization ceremony at Monticello.

As we waited, Dan pointed out the subtle irony that linked President Bush to President Jefferson. The fact that President Bush was currently endeavoring to finish, what circumstances forced President Jefferson to commence; a war with Islamic radicals in the middle east. A historical fact that he certainly was left to discover on his own, with a little help form me.

At precisely 10:00AM, the honored guests were escorted in. The Governor and Mrs. Kaine, the members of the federal court, and others. The Charlottesville Municipal Band struck up “Ruffles and Flourishes” and “Hail to the Chief”, President Bush having taken his place upon the portico. All was quiet, respectful and orderly, nothing but the sounds of nature blending with the various speakers. Then the President of the United States, the leader of the free world stepped to the podium. He thanked the audience, and said that he was “thrilled to be here at Monticello”.

Then, the hours of decorum and maturity were immediately dispatched. The pleasant sounds of nature and the civil transmission of ideas, shattered, to be replaced with the vile shrill shrieks of anarchy. “Defend the constitution!” A woman in the audience decried, “Impeach Bush!” This despicable act, was then followed by a woman, who appeared as my grandfather used to say, “To have been rode hard and put up wet.” Who proceeded to run towards the president, arms outstretched, carrying some kind of large pink banner.

She was of course, immediately detained by the secret service. Like the old game Whack-A-Mole, the implanted idiots continued to spring up. Directly ahead of my son and me, about twelve rows forward, another woman jumped into her chair, yelling and unfolding a bandanna of some kind. I observed an audience member near her dive to the ground, and briefly wondered what was next. I then realized the protestor had jumped down from the chair, and was proceeding into the middle of the row in order to make her apprehension by authorities more difficult. A mother was scooping up her infant, no doubt sleeping or playing on the ground, before the child was trampled. Then, as I expected, Uncle Sam began yelling his diatribe of obscenities, and was escorted out. Yelling charges of “fascism” and “police state” all the way down the trail.

By now, Dan looked at me and said, “Dad, you know something? If I were one of those new citizens up there, and the president himself was welcoming me to my new country, these nuts would really be ticking me off!” I said, “Unfortunately, this is what you will forever be facing. This attitude is going to be around for a long time I fear.” Things finally settled down, and we all listened to the rest of the remarks. Standing and applauding in an attempt to counteract the deplorable behavior that had been displayed. However, there was an air of expectation. A speculation of when and from what part of the audience, will the next person appear?

President Bush concluded his remarks. The naturalization process transpired unimpeded. We concluded with the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthem. As I sang with everyone else, I could not help but to ponder as to whether or not the “Land of the free and the home of the brave,” has sadly mutated into something less. The President was then immediately escorted away. Dan had hoped that perhaps the opportunity to shake hands with the President might present itself. “Well, that’s out the window after all that.” He exclaimed.

The crowd filed out as orderly as it filed in, and we all waved to Marine One as it passed over, carrying the President back to D.C. I contemplated what impression Charlottesville must have made upon the President and his entourage. Will all of them remember us for the many hundreds who came to pay our respects to our new citizens, our country, and to him? I hope so. It is said that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, well, we certainly had some sniveling little wheels this day. I hope they will soon be forgotten.

Waiting in line to catch the shuttle back to PVCC, the words of some of our newest citizens ruminated through my mind. They were excited to be here. They had sacrificed much and worked hard to get here. Despite all of its faults, America is still the greatest nation of the face of this sphere. They know that. Most of the audience knows that. It is too bad that those few individuals, who had to be escorted away, could not have borne witness to their testimony. On second thought, since every sinew of their corporal form is closed to anything that does not hate and besmirch this country, that would be like casting pearl before swine. Those protestors are indicative of a diseased and misdirected mind. They are the result of the cultural battle that has been taking place for the last few decades.

Good will always be under attack on this side of heaven. America may have forgotten that. Our soldiers from what has been called the greatest generation, came home conquering heroes. It was thought that the battle was over. Instead, enemies saw that a resolute nation adhering to the faith of their founders could not be shaken. Our enemies sought to corrupt us from within. They attacked America in such a fashion, that we would erode our foundation, and allow our society, culture, and system of government to be derailed, and the weight would fall in upon itself. Therefore, the very generation of Americans, who had the very best given to them, at the least expense, found their minds open to the corruption of the socialist/communist agenda. The children of the greatest generation, would become the very ones in whom the seeds of destruction would germinate.

We see the reaping of that crop now. We have seen our constitution trampled. We have seen our government turn right into wrong, and wrong into right so many times over the past four decades-who is able to tell good from evil anymore? This immorality that infects some of the highest offices in our land is a disease both contagious and virulent. It infects and sickens the very heart of the American people.

There are those of us who ask, “Where did our country go?” We can not travel anywhere to enjoy the rich history of this nation, and to teach our children, without some radical agenda being stuffed down our throats. We are constantly hearing belittling remarks and innuendo that impugn our founding fathers. Like any infection, the body looks fine, while the disease incubates.

Under the veneer of success and achievement, there dwells in this country, a soul in torment. We are a nation that has lost touch with its ideals. What has become of them? What has become of the truths we hold to be self-evident? What has become of our dreams? Have the love child barbarians from the sixties taken them?

I still believe in this nation. I grew up in American Legion Posts and VFW Halls. I have heard the stories from men who were there. Stories that Steven Speilberg and Tom Hanks will never think to put on the screen. I hold to the original principles this nation was founded upon, and what it and they stand for. I believe in the fundamental ideals we once adored.

More importantly, I will make sure my sons believe and understand them as well. In so doing, I, and those like me, will be true to the ideals and aspirations of these United States. We will continue the covenant began by the men of 1776, and they need not repent in heaven, for the labors and sacrifices, they made during their time here on earth.

Hank Martin, Albemarle County

More to come...



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