Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Call To Patriots, Soldiers And Veterans

It is now clear that even after the whalloping this blog has given it in the past two weeks, the Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice (CCP&J) is not going to remove, or stop publishing its vicious slanders against America, its political leadership, its military, and the work it is doing overseas, on its website. This blog debunked some of these general slanders, here and here.

But to debunk the many other, specific slanders that the CCP&J has published will require some dedicated research, which this blog's authors simply don't have the time to devote to at the moment. And in the case of slanders against America's military personnel, we are unqualified to thoroughly rebut them, ideally with first-person knowledge.

What we are looking for in particular are knowledgeable patriots, soldiers and veterans who can help to debunk these slanders with facts.

The most incendiary, unforgivable slanders that the CCP&J publishes* are targeted directly at America's soldiers. Below is but a sampling:

"(Bush has)... shipped thousands of soldiers to their deaths on a mission that has slaughtered over a million innocent human beings, a mission that is ongoing and worsening as we speak..." (Source: here; also see UPDATE at end)

"(America's) state militias have been... sent overseas to kill or be killed committing crimes on behalf of the king." (Source:

"(M)ost Americans oppose the policies of their military..." (Source:

Here are some of the slanders the CCP&J publishes* which are directed at America, its political leadership, and its justification and efforts to defend itself from some of history's most savage threats:

"(Bush) has claimed the power... to torture, to murder, to lie the nation into wars of conquest." (Source: here, here [flyer])

"(Bush) is a fascist, blood-soaked murderer... (who) has murdered our soldiers..." (Source:
here, here)

"(Bush)... kidnaps and detains and abuses members of other religions, and he eliminates the freedom of speech... (he has) detained and tortured members of the press... and shot and bombed them. There is no redress of grievances.” (Source:

If you visit the CCP&J's website, you'll note that its executives and contributors say nothing* about the savage barbarity being perpetrated by those that America is fighting against.

They say nothing* about the horrific crimes that these barbarians deliberately perpetrate against civilians, women, children, homosexuals and "unbelievers" - and most notably, against American soldiers.

They say nothing* about the fact that 98% or more of the civilian deaths they bemoan are caused not by U.S. soldiers, but by Islamist murderers.

No, all of the CCP&J's vitriol, rage, lies and propaganda (from a "peace" group!) are focused specifically on America, and its military personnel.

(*Note to CCP&J: Don't try to omit or manipulate what has appeared on your website in the last few weeks. PDFs are available via email to anyone who wants them, for verification.)
So, do you have factual information with which to debunk these slanders, which the CCP&J and groups like it rely upon to advance their (actual) agenda?

Or, do you have first-hand knowledge which, when combined with research, will serve to factually dismantle these claims?

If so, please send an email to

Even if you aren't in a position to help, please consider forwarding this thread to any others (particularly soldiers and veterans) you know, who may be interested in writing a rebuttal.

Thus far, we had the good fortune to receive one passionate letter from a veteran of many years in the U.S. Air Force, regarding the CCP&J's propaganda about our military's actions (see Letter #1, here).

The best of these rebuttals will be posted prominently on this blog, and forwarded to the local "news" media, which currently takes whatever the CCP&J says as the gospel truth (no matter how many times they've been advised of the reasons not to do so, in advance).

Hopefully, these rebuttals will also serve as a reminder of how easily local journalists have been duped - and have allowed themselves to become complicit in facilitating the subversive mission, statements and actions of groups like the CCP&J.

Thank you.


UPDATE July 14


Thanks to a timely tip from Jenna of this item at GatewayPundit, which helps to demolish - once again - the CCP&J's anti-American propaganda.

In this case, the CCP&J-published claim, mentioned at the top of this thread, that "(Bush has)... shipped thousands of soldiers to their deaths on a mission that has slaughtered over a million innocent human beings, a mission that is ongoing and worsening as we speak...":

Today violence in Iraq is down 90% from last year.

Today 15 of 18 benchmarks have been met in Iraq.

Today Al-Qaeda is Iraq is defeated.

The tremendous progress is undeniable.
Read the entire article for detailed information on Barack Obama's double-jointed doublespeak on the Iraq issue - and of course, how the news media is just lapping it all up without question or analysis.