Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is Iran Funding The CCP&J? This Blog Reports, You Decide!!!

On Friday, July 18, the Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice (CCP&J), the local band of America-bashing anarchists and Marxists disguised as “peace activists,” preemptively and unilaterally invaded the historic Downtown Mall. (Lest we forget, exactly two weeks ago, they launched their July 4 assault on Monticello.)

This latest unprovoked assault was part of th
e CCP&J's continuing campaign of America-subverting hysteria, lies and propaganda. In this case, though, their peace-disrupting action was dedicated to their “Don’t Attack Iran” nutjobbery.

See the glories of the CCP&J's event for yourself (even though this little jewel is only 6 minutes long, Valium or other strong sedatives are highly recommended):

The questions around the WTCPB blog water cooler have been:
What could possibly cause a group of (supposed) Americans to act like this?

What could cause the CCP&J to publish such incendiary slanders against the U.S. military - then lie about its affi
liation with the author of such diatribes? (more here)

What could cause them to focus all their wrath, hatred and propaganda against their own nation – while refusing to protest, or vehemently and publicly denounce the (real) world's most vicious, bloodthirsty savages, and their enablers, when they hold events in Virginia?

Where sort of Stalinist silly putty must occupy their cranial cavities for them to think that their "Resolution Against Attacking Iran" should be voted on by City Council, on August 4, to supposedly speak for all of Charlottesville, to the world? Where is that in the City charter?

And what could cause them to claim on their little blog that, because a handful of their barking moonbats like these they invaded the Downtown Mall, "Charlottesville Virginia Says Don't Attack Iran"? See below screenshot (click to enlarge). Is this not reminiscent of the CCP&J's previously-published, fascistic statements --- that according to them, "Bush is not welcome at Monticello, or in Charlottesville"? What is it with Marxist anarchists that they think they are divinely appointed to speak for everyone?

Well, today we may have found our answer.
As noted here, this blog signed up to be on the CCP&J’s official mailing list, to ensure we get the latest installments of America-bashing hatred and propaganda, fresh off their electronic press.

So we couldn’t have been more (or less?) surprised to receive what appears to be an accidental email forward from the CCP&J --- containing a letter sent to them from none other than the Iranian psycho himself, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

22JULY08 XMIT@22:08GMT



From: BigMahmoud@NukesRFun.ir

To: My.Toadies@charlottesvillepeace.org

Subject: Thank you, my friends!!!

Dear Toadies at the Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice:

I just received the link to the video of your hilarious protest on Charlottesville’s Historic Downtown Mall on Friday!!

The mullahs and I had a long, good, hearty laugh over your antics. I wanted to write personally to thank you for your most excellent work recently on behalf of Iran --- and to the detriment of your infidel nation, particularly its leadership and military personnel.

As you know, for many years Iran has been funding, arming and training some of the most merciless, brutal savages in the world. You know the ones – who indoctrinate their toddlers to believe that their highest mission in life is to die while murdering Jews and infidels; who butcher civilians and their children; who hijack jetliners; and who lob rockets into civilian areas to make political points.

Although I have certainly taken this effort to a new height, my predecessors and I have been steadily building Iran into a state that will be capable of credibly threatening, if not destroying, other nations in the Middle East. This is doubly true for Israel, which I have repeatedly and publicly said that I want to remove from the face of the Earth. So of course I am thrilled that you have continued to refuse to rise to Israel's defense, in any instance, no matter how hard, often or brutally we assault its people.

The American government, and even the spineless European
welfare states you worship, have been ramping up opposition to our activities --- and particularly, my efforts over the last four years to construct an arsenal of nuclear weapons, and the missiles with which to deliver them. That’s how over-the-top our threats and actions have been. Even our Eurotrash appeasers are finally recognizing our threat, but the legions of barking "peace activist" moonbats we've supported in their nations have rendered them too impotent to do anything about it, by themselves.

As that infidel author Mark Steyn noted, it really is “America Alone” right

But you, my friends, have ignored all that I and Iran have done. You won't say one word about it in any of your propaganda.

You even honored my request that
you viciously denounce America, while engaging in a subversive campaign to help protect Iran, and our growing arsenal of offensive weaponry - in exchange for my providing funding for your little treehouse gang, and Birkenstocks, granola and Che Gueverra t-shirts for all your members.

Instead of condemning me and my regime – as any group that is sincerely dedicated to “peace” and “justice” would – you echo all the propaganda talking points that I and the mullahs vomit up: that America is the source of all the world's problems, your leaders are warmongers, and your soldiers are coldblooded sadists. (And oh, it was hilarious the way you claimed that Thomas Jefferson was some kind of pacifist, and would approve of your actions – when any casual student of history knows that he was the first U.S. president to fight back against jihadist barbarians.)

It’s not like we haven’t given you ample reason to denounce Iran. We murder gays and hang them in the streets (see right). We murder young women who have premarital sex, are raped, or attempt to protect themselves from being raped, or dress provocatively. We cut off the hands of youths accused of petty theft. We brutally suppress all forms of dissent*. (*In a supreme irony, it is Iran's jailed "peace activists" who hate and denounce US, while they express their love and respect for the USA, which has shed blood and untold treasure to liberate 50 million of their fellow Muslims, in two nations.)

We have even been providing the tools and training with which Iraqi jihadists have been murdering your own U.S. soldiers, whom you claim to be speaking out on behalf of.

Yet in the face of all this, you remain silent, instead opting to focus all your rage, lies and propaganda against President Bush. Now, with your “Don’t Attack Iran” campaign, you’ve solidified my warm feelings for you.

(And that line in the video by one of your toadies about how Bush wants to invade Iran and take our oil... now that was just, hilarious!!! Even we hadn't thought that lie up!!! Too funny. After all you must know about Iran, for you to take your propaganda to that level, wow!!! Keep this up and you'll soon be as admired by me as much as the larger America-subverting, jihadist-appeasing groups that disguise themselves as "peace activists.")

As a token of my appreciation, I invite all CCP&J toadies to come up to New York, so that you can continue your demonstrations outside of the United Nations, where I, too, will be denouncing Bush and America later this year. We can have sweet tea together!!! And if you’d like, I’d be happy to provide transportation and lodging expenses for up to ten members of your little band of useful idiots (errrr… I mean toadies).

So again, thank you very much, my friends.

Peace out!!!


P.S.: The mullahs also asked me to congratulate you on how well you've duped the local news media into believing that you're actually "peace activists." This obviously bodes very, very well for my upcoming speech at the UN!!! It kind of reminds me of how last year I was able to dupe ABC's Diane Sawyer into believing that I'm actually concerned about human welfare and "human rights." Yep, we're all "peace activists" now... (bwahahahahaha!!! I love that one...).

P.P.S.: Thought you'd like to see how some other toadies I fund are doing my bidding. I and the mullahs have titled this wonderful video, "Live, from Santa Barbara, CA... it's America-Bashing, Jihadist-Apologist Marxists and Anarchists -- LIVE!!!" Watch for a special moment you'll love at about 6 minutes in.

Hat-tip to that infidel witch Michelle Malkin's HotAir site, here. For the background of the group of infidel pigs doing the interviewing, click here.

Now remember, my CCP&J toadie anarchists, as you see in this video, because you believe you are "right," you can do whatever you want, to whomever you want, whenever you want --- just as you did at Monticello. Viva le anarchists!!! (I got that from my friend and fellow psycho, Hugo Chavez)


Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Call To Patriots, Soldiers And Veterans

It is now clear that even after the whalloping this blog has given it in the past two weeks, the Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice (CCP&J) is not going to remove, or stop publishing its vicious slanders against America, its political leadership, its military, and the work it is doing overseas, on its website. This blog debunked some of these general slanders, here and here.

But to debunk the many other, specific slanders that the CCP&J has published will require some dedicated research, which this blog's authors simply don't have the time to devote to at the moment. And in the case of slanders against America's military personnel, we are unqualified to thoroughly rebut them, ideally with first-person knowledge.

What we are looking for in particular are knowledgeable patriots, soldiers and veterans who can help to debunk these slanders with facts.

The most incendiary, unforgivable slanders that the CCP&J publishes* are targeted directly at America's soldiers. Below is but a sampling:

"(Bush has)... shipped thousands of soldiers to their deaths on a mission that has slaughtered over a million innocent human beings, a mission that is ongoing and worsening as we speak..." (Source: here; also see UPDATE at end)

"(America's) state militias have been... sent overseas to kill or be killed committing crimes on behalf of the king." (Source:

"(M)ost Americans oppose the policies of their military..." (Source:

Here are some of the slanders the CCP&J publishes* which are directed at America, its political leadership, and its justification and efforts to defend itself from some of history's most savage threats:

"(Bush) has claimed the power... to torture, to murder, to lie the nation into wars of conquest." (Source: here, here [flyer])

"(Bush) is a fascist, blood-soaked murderer... (who) has murdered our soldiers..." (Source:
here, here)

"(Bush)... kidnaps and detains and abuses members of other religions, and he eliminates the freedom of speech... (he has) detained and tortured members of the press... and shot and bombed them. There is no redress of grievances.” (Source:

If you visit the CCP&J's website, you'll note that its executives and contributors say nothing* about the savage barbarity being perpetrated by those that America is fighting against.

They say nothing* about the horrific crimes that these barbarians deliberately perpetrate against civilians, women, children, homosexuals and "unbelievers" - and most notably, against American soldiers.

They say nothing* about the fact that 98% or more of the civilian deaths they bemoan are caused not by U.S. soldiers, but by Islamist murderers.

No, all of the CCP&J's vitriol, rage, lies and propaganda (from a "peace" group!) are focused specifically on America, and its military personnel.

(*Note to CCP&J: Don't try to omit or manipulate what has appeared on your website in the last few weeks. PDFs are available via email to anyone who wants them, for verification.)
So, do you have factual information with which to debunk these slanders, which the CCP&J and groups like it rely upon to advance their (actual) agenda?

Or, do you have first-hand knowledge which, when combined with research, will serve to factually dismantle these claims?

If so, please send an email to tj411cville@gmail.com.

Even if you aren't in a position to help, please consider forwarding this thread to any others (particularly soldiers and veterans) you know, who may be interested in writing a rebuttal.

Thus far, we had the good fortune to receive one passionate letter from a veteran of many years in the U.S. Air Force, regarding the CCP&J's propaganda about our military's actions (see Letter #1, here).

The best of these rebuttals will be posted prominently on this blog, and forwarded to the local "news" media, which currently takes whatever the CCP&J says as the gospel truth (no matter how many times they've been advised of the reasons not to do so, in advance).

Hopefully, these rebuttals will also serve as a reminder of how easily local journalists have been duped - and have allowed themselves to become complicit in facilitating the subversive mission, statements and actions of groups like the CCP&J.

Thank you.


UPDATE July 14


Thanks to a timely tip from Jenna of this item at GatewayPundit, which helps to demolish - once again - the CCP&J's anti-American propaganda.

In this case, the CCP&J-published claim, mentioned at the top of this thread, that "(Bush has)... shipped thousands of soldiers to their deaths on a mission that has slaughtered over a million innocent human beings, a mission that is ongoing and worsening as we speak...":

Today violence in Iraq is down 90% from last year.

Today 15 of 18 benchmarks have been met in Iraq.

Today Al-Qaeda is Iraq is defeated.

The tremendous progress is undeniable.
Read the entire article for detailed information on Barack Obama's double-jointed doublespeak on the Iraq issue - and of course, how the news media is just lapping it all up without question or analysis.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

July 11 UPDATE

Contents of today’s Update:

    1. Local news media remains silent on challenge from this blog.
    2. New: FAQ
    3. New: Letter Writer's Forum
    4. CCP&J to go into "retreat" to "dialogue, focus"
    5. CCP&J mailing list used to foment more lies re our energy situation, and "direct action"
    6. CCP&J to rally against any attack on Iran - but remains silent on Iran's threats, oppressive regime, murder of U.S. soldiers, and support of terrorism in the Middle East and beyond

(1) Local news media remains silent on challenge from this blog

After the shameful spectacle that was perpetrated at
Monticello on July 4 by local leftist anarchists, this blog sent out a challenge to all major local news media outlets.

In summary, those responsible for providing news and information to Charlottesville-area residents were provided with a factual basis upon which to examine the complicit role they played in the disruptions of the July 4 celebration and naturalization ceremonies, by acting as protective shills for local anarchists, whom they refer to as “peace activists."

Read the entire press release

Not a single person from the news media – except two radio talk show hosts, Joe Thomas of WCHV and Rob Schilling of WINA – even bothered to respond to this challenge.

To their credit, both Thomas and Schilling looked at the evidence. They took keen interest in the numerous alerts this blog sent to the news media in advance, highlighting the contradictory statements of certain individuals who were fomenting the vulgar, propaganda-laden disruptions of the Monticello ceremonies.

Furthermore, they recognized, as this blog has pointed out, that many local groups supposedly devoted to “peace” are, in reality, affiliated with large socialist-communist groups, who utilize the same lies and propaganda to denigrate America, its founding principles, its military, and its actions overseas. This is documented

Yet the remainder of the local news media is still ignoring all this.

In fact, as recently as July 7, the Daily Progress referred, once again, to the leftist anarchist* who helped foment – and participated in – the disruptions at Monticello (which is private property), as a
“peace activist.”
(*Note: This individual, David Swanson, a board member of the CCPJ, only days before told the news media, “I hope no one disrupts the ceremonies,"
which it dutifully repeated throughout the coming days. Yet now, Mr. Swanson proudly admits, in multiple locations, that he participated in the disruptions that he helped to foment).

As noted in the press release/challenge (see Update 3, July 5), the news media was alerted of damning indications that apparently, “the local hive of CodePink forged press passes to get into Monticello to disrupt the ceremony: Daily Kos: How to Forge Presidential Press Passes.” This update continues:

Again --- imagine if the local branch of the Nazis or the KKK had perpetrated this, instead of the local branch of larger America-subverting communist-socialist front organizations (more here), in order to get into Monticello to launch a profanity-laden, lie-filled verbal assault on a Democrat president. The news media would (rightfully, in this blog's opinion) be on them like locusts.

And again, the local news media has not even replied to this alert, or (as of this writing) indicated that it is even going to take a closer look at it.

Is the local news media accountable to this blog? Absolutely not. The only parties it is accountable to are its owners/shareholders, the FCC, and/or its listeners/readers/viewers.

Let all those parties read the alerts and detailed background information that this blog provided to the local media before and after the disgusting display of anarchistic hysteria at Monticello, which destroyed the day for participants and our new fellow citizens. Let them judge for themselves who is being responsible in this matter, and who is in deep, continuing denial.

Then, ask yourself the following questions:

If the local "news" media is willing to look the other way, to protect and shill for fringe leftist anarchists in our midst from the scrutiny they'd apply to any other group, what else has this double-standard been applied to in the past?

And what does this portend for the local "news" media's willingness to provide fair, responsible, balanced coverage of the upcoming election season?

(2) New: FAQs

This blog has received a fairly significant number of inquiries, most of which are supportive, some of which are hateful, and some of which are funny. Quite a few posed similar questions;
here are the responses.

(3) New: Letter Writer's Forum

This new feature will seek and host thoughtful commentaries on the disruption of the Monticello ceremonies, and the larger issues involved.

In particular, we're seeking commentaries from (a) those who were there on July 4, and (b) veterans and veteran's groups, who can help to rebut the incendiary, hateful propaganda and lies about the U.S. military, that many (supposed) "peace" groups rely upon.

So far, we've received two remarkable letters.

The first is a letter that was sent to the CCP&J by a veteran of more than a quarter-century of service in the U.S. military, Michael Davis. As you'll see, Davis has a few things to say about the incendiary lies and propaganda that the CCP&J has been hosting, and using as a justification for their America-subverting statements and actions.

The second is a letter by Hank Martin, who was seated several rows behind the hysterical* woman who attempted to rush the stage upon which President Bush was speaking; video
here. (*Oops, sorry, we forgot; according to the local "news" media, people such as this, who disturb the peace on private property - and are apparently intent on assaulting the President of the United States - are to be referred to as "peace activists.")

(4) CCP&J to go into "retreat," to "dialogue, strategize"

Even though the local news media is ignoring the facts that this blog pointed out regarding the CCP&J's contradictory statements and actions (here, here and elsewhere on this blog), apparently its leadership is not.

On July 5, the CCP&J posted at the top of its website a notice that it will be holding a retreat on September 28, 2008 "to strategize... (and) develop dialogue on CCPJ's priorities, goals, and role in the community."

And given the following items in this Update, combined with the shameful, vulgar disruptions that the CCP&J helped to foment at the July 4 Monticello ceremonies - then lied about its involvement in - all this blog can say is: Better late than never, eh?

(5) CCP&J mailing list used to foment more lies re our energy situation, and "direct action"

The supposed core mission of the CCP&J is to "promote... education and action for peace and justice in our community." Sounds quite noble, doesn't it?

But genuine "education" is based on truth and facts - not on hysteria, lies, misconceptions and propaganda. Similarly, true "peace" is achievable only when both individuals' and nations' natural rights, including their rights to self-reliance, self-determination and self-defense, are protected.

But given the CCP&J's recent history of using lies and propaganda to further its (actual) agenda, it isn't too terribly surprising that it would allow its mailing list to be used towards this same end.

On July 7, the CCP&J emailed out a notice which, in part, promotes an event called "The Southeast Convergence for Climate Action." The mailer describes the purpose of this event as being:

"...to continue the struggle for climate justice... and direct action... (W)e will unite to fight the coal industry's stranglehold on our region while rejecting the deadly nuke industry's attempt to position itself as the solution to the climate crisis."
First, this blog defies anyone to provide a rational definition for the term "climate justice."

Second, lest anyone doubt what many in the "peace" movement are about, here is a quasi-accurate definition of the term "direct action." A more realistic definition is: whatever supposed "peace" activists believe they're entitled to do, to anyone, anywhere, any time they choose, no matter how violent or repulsive. Google "eco-terrorism," "enviro-terrorism," etc. for more information.

Lastly, and most importantly, let's focus on "the deadly nuke industry." For a group supposedly dedicated to "peace," one might think that the CCP&J would want to be accurate, and not use hateful lies in order to advance its cause.

In this case, even one of the enviromental and pace movement's forefathers - Patrick Moore, the co-founder of GreenPeace - debunks this incendiary lie, in a 2006 article in the Washington Post:
Wind and solar power have their place, but because they are intermittent and unpredictable they simply can't replace big baseload plants such as coal, nuclear and hydroelectric. Natural gas, a fossil fuel, is too expensive already, and its price is too volatile to risk building big baseload plants. Given that hydroelectric resources are built pretty much to capacity, nuclear is, by elimination, the only viable substitute for coal. It's that simple.

That's not to say that there aren't real problems -- as well as various myths -- associated with nuclear energy. Each concern deserves careful consideration:

Nuclear energy is expensive. It is in fact one of the least expensive energy sources. In 2004, the average cost of producing nuclear energy in the United States was less than two cents per kilowatt-hour, comparable with coal and hydroelectric. Advances in technology will bring the cost down further in the future.

Nuclear plants are not safe. Although Three Mile Island was a success story, the accident at Chernobyl, 20 years ago this month, was not. But Chernobyl was an accident waiting to happen. This early model of Soviet reactor had no containment vessel, was an inherently bad design and its operators literally blew it up. The multi-agency U.N. Chernobyl Forum reported last year that 56 deaths could be directly attributed to the accident, most of those from radiation or burns suffered while fighting the fire.

Tragic as those deaths were, they pale in comparison to the more than 5,000 coal-mining deaths that occur worldwide every year. No one has died of a radiation-related accident in the history of the U.S. civilian nuclear reactor program. (And although hundreds of uranium mine workers did die from radiation exposure underground in the early years of that industry, that problem was long ago corrected.)
So what is it that the group the CCP&J mailer is promoting wants to do to solve our (very-real) energy challenges?

"Workshops will include: community organizing, direct action 101, debunking false solutions to climate change, blockades, sustainable living systems, media, disaster response, fighting nukes and coal, and much more."
Thanks in large part to the propaganda and hysteria fomented by U.S. environmental and peace movements, America's dependence on foreign oil has risen from 27.3% in 1985 to 56.1% in 2006. While "peace" activists and environmentalists advocate the use of electric vehicles, they never seem to say where the electric energy will come from to power all those plug-in vehicles. The safest, most efficient, lowest-cost sources are nuclear power, clean coal, natural gas and hydroelectric.

Yet nowhere in this mailer or in the CCP&J website do they proffer any real solutions; they only state what they're against, and in the case of nuclear, it is based on an incendiary lie. And the only possible outcome of crippling America's ability to produce the energy we need, is to make us even more reliant upon foreign sources of energy - including from terrorist nations that are already causing us no shortage of headaches (and blood loss).

It's as if a man who was starving was prevented from getting another job, or growing his own food, or bartering with his neighbors for the food he needed; what is he to do to survive? According to "peace" activists, that's his problem. And if he so much as harms a single hair atop the head of a single fly in order to provide for his own sustinence, then he will face the wrath of "peace activists," who will denounce him as being a destroyer of the environment, and a selfish, greedy, uncaring monster.

So much for (true) "peace" and "justice."

Will the local news media challenge this latest bit of hateful propaganda? Don't hold your breath.

(6) CCP&J to rally against any attack on Iran - but remains silent on Iran's threats, oppressive regime, murder of U.S. soldiers, and support of terrorism in the Middle East and beyond

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the madman president of Iran, couldn't have written this script any better if he tried.

On July 9, the CCP&J allowed (drumroll...) David Swanson to post another diatribe against America, and its protection of its own interests - while refusing to acknowledge a single fact about Iran's savage non-"peaceful" actions against individuals and other nations. This one must be read in full to be believed.

After you've gotten a headache from reading that tripe, you might want to read reality-oriented assessments of Iran. Here is a good place to start; here's another.

And note that Mr. Swanson's diatribe contains a "resolution" that the CCP&J will ask the Charlottesville City Council to pass.

This blog's authors may have missed it, but can anyone cite the passage in the City Council's charter in which it states that its business activities extend beyond the borders of Charlottesville - or where it is authorized to speak on behalf of a small, fringe group of its residents, to external groups?

Oh, right. There is no such passage. It's a fantasy - kind of like the fantasy that most of today's "peace" groups are actually in support of "peace," or of America's founding principles, etc. (more here and here).


Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Since the debut of this blog on Saturday, June 28, and especially since the ceremonies at Monticello on July 4, quite a few readers have sent in questions, some of which are similar in nature.

Below is a sampling of these questions, and the blog’s responses.

Are you being paid by Bush, the RNC or any other group?

No. This is purely a project of passion and necessity. Not a cent has been paid to or requested by this blog, to do what it has done, is doing, and will continue to do.

Why did you name the blog “Welcome To Charlottesville, President Bush”?

The blog was created in response to a public statement by a board member of the Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice (CCP&J), David Swanson, who urged others to disrupt the Monticello ceremonies (here), on the basis of a slew of misrepresentations and propaganda aimed at President Bush, and even Thomas Jefferson. Soon thereafter, Mr. Swanson said he was doing this “to let people know that Bush is not welcome at Monticello… or in Charlottesville” (here).

Despite the CCP&J’s denial that Mr. Swanson is on its board, or speaks for the group on an official basis, it not only didn't take his incendiary posts off the front page of its blog, it allowed him to continue posting them (here).

Therefore, naming this blog was a no-brainer.

How can you defend Bush, who’s hated by so many Americans, and so much of the world? Are you some kind of sycophant?

That's an easy one. Given the alternatives that the Democrats put up in 2000 and 2004, the choice for me – and a little more than half of your fellow citizens who chose to vote (at least in 2004) – was easy.

Actually, I have lots of disagreements with the Bush administration.

Mostly, I am upset that he has grown the size and spending of the federal government more than any president since LBJ and his “Great Society,” and that he has not fought back against the lies and smears against him, and the U.S. military – forcefully, consistently and articulately. This is a huge factor in why he and his administration are so “hated” – because the lies and propaganda that the Democrats and their fringe left base have employed have been met with practically no response.

But the one area in which I have no choice but to support him is in his response to the war that Islamist theocratic totalitarians have declared on America. Although not without its missteps (as are evidenced in all wars), he has taken the fight to our enemies, and via the surge strategy – which John McCain advocated since early on – we are winning, and will win this war (provided we do not elect a president whose first mission will be to surrender Iraq to our enemies).

Why are you doing this anonymously?

The creation of this blog was a very spur-of-the-moment decision, primarily to respond to the CCP&J and its facilitation of David Swanson’s incendiary propaganda, starting on June 27, 2008.

The first priority was to research the issues and provide factual responses and insights, particularly to forward to the local news media regarding the disruptions being planned and justified at the Monticello ceremonies on July 4 (which, in the end, the news media chose to all but totally ignore). In the end, I and those who contribute to this blog made the decision to let our words, and the facts, speak for themselves, independent of personality-type distractions.

This decision allows us to speak freely, and without in any way compromising or causing conflict in our workplaces, or in social settings. In short, I and the people behind this blog may well be who you pass every day in the supermarket, and who you work with… just ordinary Americans who want to make their voices known, in our own way. This decision should in no way diminish the validity of the facts and opinions that I, and we, present in this forum.

I love what you’re doing. What can I do to help?

Thank you. Here are five things you can do:
  • Forward this blog to your friends.
  • Post comments on the bottom of blog threads, or send in letters to tj411cville@gmail.com. Be polite, factual, passionate and as concise as possible. The best of these letters will be published here.
  • Send your thoughts on this matter to the local news media. We are compiling a list of contacts, email addresses, etc., to be posted soon. Public pressure apparently is the only thing that will cause them to question, and finally stop, their continual use of the term "peace activists" to describe local leftist anarchists, who represent the communist-socialist ideology, and who disrupted the Monticello ceremonies. Their words, and their actions at Monticello on July 4, totally dismantle this misnomer. It is up to us, individually and collectively, to let the local news media know of our displeasure with their continual willingness to act as shills for those who are after anything but peace (more here and here).
  • If you know any veterans or veterans groups, forward to them the links containing the incendiary, lie-filled accusations published at the CCP&J and at David Swanson’s websites against our political leadership, our military and their actions, so that they may respond. We are doing so, and the response so far has been fantastic. Look for a compilation of their responses on this blog in the very near future.
  • Whenever possible, organize and participate in (peaceful) demonstrations and counter-demonstrations, to let the local leftist anarchists know that their lies and propaganda will not go unanswered. We already know that the local news media will not (yet) challenge or debunk anything they say; therefore, it's up to us to do so. In particular, ask any veterans you know to participate in these events.


Friday, July 4, 2008



Charlottesville, VA
July 4, 2008 - 3:30pm


Despite the best efforts of the “Welcome To Charlottesville, President Bush” blog, its contributors and others, we failed in our efforts to dissuade local anarchists --- many of whom are allied with thinly-disguised socialist-communist front groups --- from turning the July 4 naturalization ceremony at Monticello into a shameful spectacle.

This morning, these anarchists repeatedly shouted obscenities, hateful, lie-filled accusations and other screeds during President Bush’s speech at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s beloved home.

This blog, though less than a week old, repeatedly documented and alerted the local news media to the fact that local anarchists, whom the media refers to as "peace activists," were fomenting exactly these disruptions. Yet not a single media source* exposed this fact, or challenged the would-be perpetrators on their statements and actions. (*with the exception of several local talk radio show hosts, namely Joe Thomas of WCHV and Rob Schilling of WINA)

The local TV station covering the event was unable (or unwilling) to “bleep” out their profanities. Early reports indicate that this inglorious, shameful episode is being mentioned in the national news media.

In short, this entire humiliating event could probably been avoided, had the perpetrators been held to account by the local news media, and subjected to the public shame that their statements and intended actions deserved, before they had the chance to act on their anarchistic desires.

The question now, from our perspective, is:

What’s next, local news media?

Are you going to continue to enable those that fomented, organized and perpetrated this outrage, by referring to them as “peace activists” or “concerned citizens,” instead of what they have demonstrated they are – anarchists, who use fascist tactics to advance their cause? (More here and elsewhere throughout this blog)

Are you going to continue to refuse to devote the minimal resources necessary to clearly identify for your readers, listeners and viewers that many of these groups are local affiliates of large communist/socialist front groups --- representing an ideology responsible for the deaths of an estimated 100 million people in the 20th century? (Were these groups affiliates of Nazis or the KKK, we all know you would - rightfully - expose and hound them, 24/7; read more here)

Are you going to continue to refuse to ask these groups why they don’t protest or disrupt speeches and events held in Virginia by the most vicious violators of “peace” and “justice” in the world --- so long as these violators’ propaganda and savagery is aimed squarely at America, Israel and/or Jews in general? (More here)

And lastly, are you going to continue to feign ignorance when these groups’ statements and actions squarely contradict their (supposed) missions of advancing “peace” and “justice”?

See more info here, here and elsewhere on this blog.

A detailed backgrounder is below, for those who are new to this controversy.

UPDATE 1: Here's the glorious evidence of what probably could have been avoided, had the local news media done its job: VIDEOS - ANARCHY AT MONTICELLO.

UPDATE 2, July 5: Today, David Swanson admitted that he was part of the disruptions at Monticello: "Why We Disrupted Bush At Monticello." Note that Swanson told the local news media on June 30, "I certainly hope no one intends to disrupt or disrespect anyone who's becoming a citizen." Yet on June 27, he said that protesters should disrupt the Monticello ceremony, "to make it clear to the world... that President Bush is not welcome at Monticello, or in Charlottesville," a sentiment he repeated, and amplified, on July 2. All this information was publicly available, and forwarded to numerous local news media sources by this blog. Yet not one of them (except several talk radio hosts, listed above) confronted Swanson, or the CCP&J (of which he is a board member), about their contradictory statements, or his/its true intentions. Instead, the media continuously repeated his "hope" blurb, and framed him as a "peace activist," ad infinitum, in the days leading up to the ceremony --- ignoring all the evidence to the contrary.

UPDATE 3, July 5: Here's another blockbuster story for the local news media to begin to follow up on --- or ignore: Apparently, the local hive of CodePink forged press passes to get into Monticello to disrupt the ceremony: Daily Kos: How to Forge Presidential Press Passes. Again --- imagine if the local branch of the Nazis or the KKK had perpetrated this, instead of the local branch of larger America-subverting communist-socialist front organizations (more here), in order to get into Monticello to launch a profanity-laden, lie-filled verbal assault on a Democrat president. The news media would (rightfully, in this blog's opinion) be on them like locusts. Now what, local news media?

********** END **********


The following is all thoroughly documented throughout this blog.

Thomas Jefferson was one of America's premier advocates of peaceful, civil discourse, and of the sanctity of inviolable property rights.

Monticello, which Jefferson designed, constructed and resided in, is private property. Long ago, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation (TJF), which owns and operates Monticello, issued a standing invitation to the President of the United States to speak at its annual naturalization ceremony, held on July 4 each year.

On Friday, June 27, the TJF announced that President Bush had accepted this invitation.

On Monday, June 30, the TFJ announced that 1,000 tickets to the event would be available to the general public starting at 7:00am on Wednesday, July 2, on a first-come, first-served basis at the Monticello Visitor Center. Up to four tickets per person would be issued.

Within hours of this announcement, a board member of the “Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice” (CCP&J), David Swanson, announced on the CCP&J website that President Bush was “not welcome” in Charlottesville or at Monticello – and that his speech, and the ceremony, should be protested and disrupted. Swanson justified this by posting a variety of hate-filled propaganda and misrepresentations about the U.S., its political leadership and its military.

Mr. Swanson even went so far as to insinuate that Thomas Jefferson – who he incorrectly implied was a pacifist – would approve of these actions, as would many of those to be sworn in as citizens. Detailed info here.

The “Welcome To Charlottesville, President Bush” blog ("this blog") was created on June 28, to expose and counter the actions that were clearly being fomented by the CCP&J and other (supposed) "peace" groups, to disrupt the Monticello ceremonies. See the original post here. This blog also debunked the propaganda and misrepresentations published at the CCP&J website about President Bush and the Iraq war here, and about Thomas Jefferson and his views on war - particularly against Islamist theocratic totalitarians that have declared war on America - here.

Several days before the event, the CCP&J emailed this blog, denying that it was in any way involved in, or sponsoring any protests or disruptions of the Monticello ceremonies. The CCP&J further claimed that Mr. Swanson was not a member of its board, and given all this, requested that this blog remove all references to the CCP&J.

In response, this blog offered to post an announcement of the CCP&J's statement(s), provided that the CCP&J posted an identical notice on its own website.

The CCP&J never replied to this offer. Further, the CCP&J failed to put up any kind of notice to this effect on its own website, and continued to allow Mr. Swanson to post his hateful rhetoric and urgings for disruptions of the Monticello ceremonies, at the very top of the CCP&J website.

All the above is documented in detail, here, here and here.

The CCP&J then allowed Mr. Swanson to use its website to urge those who share his views to "Bring as many people as you can, and each request the maximum of four tickets. Go early!" (implied: regardless of whether they actually needed the extra tickets). Early reports indicate that members of the CCP&J and other (supposed) "peace" groups camped out through the night, or arrived extremely early, to fulfill Mr. Swanson's request. This action clearly prevented other (truly) peaceful local citizens from attending --- while providing anarchists with the maximum opportunity to orchestrate disruptions of the event.

A local newspaper article (as well as the rest of the local news media) consistently referred to Mr. Swanson as a “peace activist” – yet never challenged him on any of his urgings for disruptions of the Monticello ceremonies in his posts at the CCP&J website, or revealed that he promotes the fact that he is a working affiliation with a socialist-communist front group, United for Peace & Justice. This is covered here.

A large radio station ran hourly updates all day on July 2, featuring a quote from Mr. Swanson saying that he hoped there would be no disruptions of the Monticello ceremonies. The NBC-TV affiliate ran the same quote on its newscasts. The reporter offered no challenge to Mr. Swanson, given his repeated, public urgings on the CCP&J website and elsewhere, for his fellow "peace" activists to disrupt the ceremonies. See "Update, July 1" at bottom, here.

This local "news" media's acquiescence to the CCP&J and other (supposed) "peace" groups is nothing new. To the best of the knowledge of this blog's participants, the local news media has never challenged anything the CCP&J or David Swanson have said or done.

From July 2-3, the CCP&J continued to allow Mr. Swanson to post his diatribes and urgings for protests and disruptions of the Monticello ceremonies, at the very top of its website. This is all documented here.

On the evening of July 3, a CCP&J member - using the official CCP&J email system - to send out a notice advising of a protest to occur near Monticello (being organized by other groups – including at least one run by Mr. Swanson) - and encouraging local activists to attend. This is obviously in direct contradiction to the fact that the CCP&J stated to this blog that it has “nothing to do" with any protests. (See “Update - July 3 late-night” at the bottom of this link)

Which brings us to today – and the shameful black eye that local anarchists gave to Thomas Jefferson’s beloved home, to those who were sworn in today as citizens, to the city of Charlottesville, and to anyone who (sincerely) seeks peace and justice.

The question now is – as stated earlier – will the local news media continue to act as shields, willing lapdogs, and enablers for those who represent everything that Thomas Jefferson stood against?

Or will it finally begin to stand up, substantively challenge, and hold to account those who perpetrated this outrage?

Even casual political observers know that if a group of Nazis/fascists/racists established a local organization, and included the word "peace" in its name, the local news media would (rightfully, in this blog's opinion) devote significant resources to relentlessly analyzing, exposing and challenging its members and leadership, and their statements and actions.

Yet for years, the local news media has employed an unmistakably clear double-standard when it comes to groups that claim to advocate "peace," yet which have clear links to larger America-bashing, communist-socialist groups, and which enable, foment and perpetrate exactly the kind of anarchist/fascist-type behavior that we witnessed today during the Monticello ceremonies.

Furthermore, the local news media has expressed no interest in analyzing why these "peace" groups are given de facto carte blanche access to our schools, to proselytize their thinly-veiled socialist-communist, America-bashing, tyranny-appeasing propaganda to our children, whereas groups with opposing views are either rejected as being "propagandists," or face bureaucratic roadblocks.

Will the local news media finally start to act with one standard when it comes to "activist" groups, the ideologies they (actually) represent, and the actions they take - and foment? Will the local news media finally hold groups such as those that fomented and perpetrated what happened at Monticello to full account, and not just take whatever they say as gospel, thereby shielding the public from the reality, while acting as their enablers?

Time will tell.

Check back on this blog for updates.






For deep background on all this, see

Those old enough to remember it will recall the following line from a TV commercial:
"I've got a headache THIS big, and it has Excedrin written ALL over it..."

For America-lovers and admirers of Thomas Jefferson, who consider his Monticello to be hallowed ground in the advocacy and defense of liberty and private property rights, you'll need a few Excedrin, and probably a half-bottle of Pepto-Bismol, to make it through all these videos.

This is the raw, uncensored face of local anarchists, many of whom are affiliated with larger communist-socialist front groups, who took it upon themselves to disrupt and subvert what could have, and should have been a non-partisan welcoming of 72 new American citizens.

Great job, guys (and gals): You simultaneously gave Charlottesville, VA a huge, national black eye, while exposing yourselves for the howling, liberty-hating moonbats you actually are. Pay special attention to the local Code Pink* woman who jumped up, screaming at President Bush, and attempted to rush the stage upon which he was speaking. (*for more information, see "Update, July 11," below)

And a special hat-tip to the local news media, which could have reported on what these deranged, America-bashing lunatics were publicly planning --- which you were notified of by this blog, and by other sources --- but you chose not to. More here.

Now, on with the "show."

More to come, we're (sadly) sure.

UPDATE - July 5

From PowerlineBlog:

"The video... shows the mass reenlistement ceremony in the Al Faw Palace rotunda at Camp Victory, Baghdad. The troops chose to celebrate Independence Day in a way that gives expressive form to the price of freedom. According to the Army account, General Petraeus presided over the ceremony and led the airmen, Marines, sailors, and soldiers in their oath to defend their country against all enemies both foreign and domestic. 'You and your comrades here have been described as America's new greatest generation, and, in my view, you have more than earned that description,' Petraeus said. 'It is the greatest of honors to soldier here with you'."

Read the rest, including a moving tribute to a fallen hero, at the above link.

Now, let's imagine, just for a moment, the barking moonbats above, having the courage to go and disrupt General Petraeus in the middle of this ceremony; to claim to each of these soldiers' faces that they are "committing war crimes"; that they are responsible for "the slaughter of 1 million Iraqi civilians"; that they are taking orders from "a war criminal," "a dictator," and "a fascist."

In the ultimate irony, it is soldiers such as these who pay with their courage, sweat and blood for the right of America-bashing, tyranny-worshipping moonbats to spew their lies and propaganda about them, even on July 4, and even on the hallowed ground of Thomas Jefferson's Monticello.

God bless America, indeed.


Continuing this theme, here is William Ayers, an unapologetic domestic terrorist* --- whom Barack Obama says is a "friend" of his --- in 2001, standing atop a smaller version of the American flag that the U.S. soldiers, above, are swearing to protect. (*more here, here and here)

More: On September 16, 2001, just days after the 9/11 attacks, and years after Obama became affiliated with him, Ayers was quoted in the New York Times, “America is not a just and fair and decent place." To those who claim that "America is a great country," Ayers said, "it makes me want to puke."

July 8

Thanks to an astute reader who sent in this link to the CCP&J's "trophy" from July 4 - the lion's head they've been panting to hang on their clubhouse wall since it was announced that President Bush was going to speak at Monticello during its July 4 ceremonies.

At the CCP&J website, under the headline,
"Welcoming Bush To Charlottesville," here's their slickly-produced excerpt video, showing the outrage they helped to foment (and which CCP&J board member and "peace activist" David "Gee, I hope no one disrupts the ceremonies" Swanson proudly proclaims he participated in):

So patriotic, it gives you warm fuzzies, hm? (Or sends a nauseating chill down your spine, to think these are our "countrymen").

UPDATE July 11: The raw, "red" face of Code Pink

Thanks to astute reader Jenna for sending in the link to this Code Pink protest outside the Marine Corps recruiting station in San Francisco. According to these protesters, the Marine Corps are "war criminals," but "communism is OK."

We are now bracing for Code Pink apologists and their news media sock puppets to explain how these quotes are not representative of Code Pink, were taken out of context, etc., and that despite appearances, they are the real "patriots" who love America.

Notice how these "protester-patriots" have not a single word of condemnation of genuine fascist dictators who are perpetrating acts of unspeakable savagery in our world, who are threatening to wipe other nations "off the map," and who attacked America on 9/11. Nothing. Unironically, the local branches of these "peace" groups are also all but mum on the subject.

"Peace activists," indeed.


More on Code Pink's (actual) history and (actual) agenda - here, here, here, here.


Letter Writer's Forum

Readers of this blog who want to provide feedback and insights can leave comments at the bottom of each thread, or write to tj411cville@gmail.com,
the best of which will be published on this thread.

In particular, we're seeking commentaries from (a) those who were at the Monticello ceremonies on July 4, and (b) veterans and veteran's groups, who can help to rebut the incendiary, hateful propaganda and lies about the U.S. military, that many (supposed) "peace" groups rely upon.

Letters are subject to editing for clarity and length. Indicate if you wish to remain anonymous.

(1) From Michael Davis (US Air Force, retired)
Editor's Note: This letter was emailed with the note, "Keep up the great work. Thought you'd like to see what I just emailed to the CCP&J." It makes points that only an American with more than a quarter century of service in the U.S. military can, regarding the incendiary, subversive, lie-filled statements and actions of the CCP&J, and groups like it.
To David Swanson and the Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice:

You and I do not know each other but it is clear we each live on different planets. I come from a world that believes one should give of themselves to others and their country before asking for anything in return, whereas you seem to come from a world where one believes their country owes them everything without expecting anything in return.

It is in that light that I followed your battle cry to protest the naturalization ceremony over which President Bush officiated. I have read many of your posts and articles and have come to the conclusion that the last thing you or your group desires is peace or justice in any form. What is clear to me is that you and the group you represent are completely consumed with absolute hatred; hatred for our President, hatred for our nation, and hatred for our way of life.

You sir, have no idea what constitutes a fascist state. Not only have you never lived in one but you couldn't point one out if it were painted blue on a white world map. You also have no clue what constitutes a dictatorship. Moreover, you appear to actually defend dictatorships, by demanding that the US and the democracies of the world end their oppositions to them. I could spend hours on end listing example after example of where you are wrong in your thinking, but you and I both know it would be a pointless venture. Your hatred for all things American has consumed you, and you and I both know that nothing I say will sway you in your unquenchable desire for personal attention.

However, my point in writing to you is not to tell you what you already know, but to tell you how happy I was to see how wrong you were about believing that any new citizen would ever welcome your personal attacks, on what should have been their most memorable day. No one welcomed your personal attacks or your political antics. They all refused to join your protest of what, for them, should have been a solemn and forever sacred event. You deluded yourself into thinking otherwise, and I relished seeing that you were put down.

I’m sure it was lost on you that these people have spent years learning our history and discovering for themselves what our great nation stands for. They each have spent many sleepless nights and countless days yearning for the moment when they could be officially welcomed and recognized as American citizens. These people have earned their rights through hard work, sweat, and for some, at great risk to join the small fraction of human beings that enjoy the tremendous freedoms known only in America. Yet, your actions to dishonor their commitment brought you neither fame nor praise. Instead, you earned both shame and scorn for both you and your group. You took from these people, something that can never be restored. For that, you sir, are an ass!

For someone like me, it’s easy to see that you have no idea what makes our nation great. I have spent the last 26 years serving in our nation's military.

I have been stationed in numerous countries and been assigned to temporary duty in many more. It’s obvious to me that you have never lived overseas for any length of time. It’s also apparent that you have never stepped one foot into a third-world country to see firsthand what a corrupt government can do to its people.

You obviously have no idea what our nation means to so many people around the world. You also have no idea what our rights and freedoms represent for those who don’t have any of them. That’s because you were given your rights by birth... rights that are protected for you by fellow countrymen, regardless of what you do personally.

You have never had to earn your rights. You have never had to work for a single one of them. You have never had to take an oath of loyalty to secure them for yourself, and you have never had to truly defend them or fight for them for yourself or anyone else. You, like so many others, have always relied upon someone else for that and more.

That is why you have no appreciation for the nation in which you live. That is why you have no appreciation for the rights of others, who fought tooth and nail for the chance to live in the most prosperous nation in the world, and to call themselves "Americans."

People around the world are dying each and every day, yearning for even a small portion of the rights you enjoy each and every day. Yet, you do not choose to protest for them. Instead, you have chosen to spend your time protesting against those who are fighting for them.

You have chosen to side with the dictators, the theocrats, the monarchies of Islam, and the Islamic Jihadists to undermine your nation and the democracies of the world and to prevent the same from liberating millions of people who are subjected to horrors you can only scarcely imagine. You have repeatedly used the tainted statistics of the Lancet report
http://www.thelancet.com/webfiles/images/journals/lancet/s0140673606694919.pdf or those of the Opinion Research Business http://www.opinion.co.uk/Newsroom_details.aspx?NewsId=78 to claim that we have murdered well over 1 million Iraqis.

You have used these and other claims to shield the true horrors that the countries of the Middle East, Africa, and Indonesia impose upon their peoples. Why? As a supposed person of higher learning, you should know that the claims of the Lancet report and those of the ORB have been thoroughly discredited by The New England Journal of Medicine. Their results can be found here:

I may never understand why you have chosen to take sides against your nation, and with those who are working toward our demise, rather than fighting for those who are truly oppressed, and frankly, I don’t know that I want to.

In a way, I’m glad that you and your group protested the naturalization ceremony. You have done in a day what many couldn’t do in a year’s worth of writing; you have shown yourselves to be the hateful group that you are and you have proven that the last thing any of you desire is peace and justice for anyone.

Nice going.

Michael Davis
Unites States Air Force, Retired

(2) From Hank Martin, Albemarle County
(Monticello ceremonies attendee)

Editor's Note: This letter was received shortly after the Monticello ceremonies from a man who attended with his son, and witnessed, on an up-close and personal basis, the vulgar, hateful, America-subverting propaganda displayed by those whom the local news media refers to as "peace activists."
After a perfect morning in regards to both weather, as well as simple human interaction, my son Dan and I found ourselves amongst the three thousand others patiently awaiting to see the naturalization ceremony at Monticello.

As we waited, Dan pointed out the subtle irony that linked President Bush to President Jefferson. The fact that President Bush was currently endeavoring to finish, what circumstances forced President Jefferson to commence; a war with Islamic radicals in the middle east. A historical fact that he certainly was left to discover on his own, with a little help form me.

At precisely 10:00AM, the honored guests were escorted in. The Governor and Mrs. Kaine, the members of the federal court, and others. The Charlottesville Municipal Band struck up “Ruffles and Flourishes” and “Hail to the Chief”, President Bush having taken his place upon the portico. All was quiet, respectful and orderly, nothing but the sounds of nature blending with the various speakers. Then the President of the United States, the leader of the free world stepped to the podium. He thanked the audience, and said that he was “thrilled to be here at Monticello”.

Then, the hours of decorum and maturity were immediately dispatched. The pleasant sounds of nature and the civil transmission of ideas, shattered, to be replaced with the vile shrill shrieks of anarchy. “Defend the constitution!” A woman in the audience decried, “Impeach Bush!” This despicable act, was then followed by a woman, who appeared as my grandfather used to say, “To have been rode hard and put up wet.” Who proceeded to run towards the president, arms outstretched, carrying some kind of large pink banner.

She was of course, immediately detained by the secret service. Like the old game Whack-A-Mole, the implanted idiots continued to spring up. Directly ahead of my son and me, about twelve rows forward, another woman jumped into her chair, yelling and unfolding a bandanna of some kind. I observed an audience member near her dive to the ground, and briefly wondered what was next. I then realized the protestor had jumped down from the chair, and was proceeding into the middle of the row in order to make her apprehension by authorities more difficult. A mother was scooping up her infant, no doubt sleeping or playing on the ground, before the child was trampled. Then, as I expected, Uncle Sam began yelling his diatribe of obscenities, and was escorted out. Yelling charges of “fascism” and “police state” all the way down the trail.

By now, Dan looked at me and said, “Dad, you know something? If I were one of those new citizens up there, and the president himself was welcoming me to my new country, these nuts would really be ticking me off!” I said, “Unfortunately, this is what you will forever be facing. This attitude is going to be around for a long time I fear.” Things finally settled down, and we all listened to the rest of the remarks. Standing and applauding in an attempt to counteract the deplorable behavior that had been displayed. However, there was an air of expectation. A speculation of when and from what part of the audience, will the next person appear?

President Bush concluded his remarks. The naturalization process transpired unimpeded. We concluded with the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthem. As I sang with everyone else, I could not help but to ponder as to whether or not the “Land of the free and the home of the brave,” has sadly mutated into something less. The President was then immediately escorted away. Dan had hoped that perhaps the opportunity to shake hands with the President might present itself. “Well, that’s out the window after all that.” He exclaimed.

The crowd filed out as orderly as it filed in, and we all waved to Marine One as it passed over, carrying the President back to D.C. I contemplated what impression Charlottesville must have made upon the President and his entourage. Will all of them remember us for the many hundreds who came to pay our respects to our new citizens, our country, and to him? I hope so. It is said that the squeaky wheel gets the oil, well, we certainly had some sniveling little wheels this day. I hope they will soon be forgotten.

Waiting in line to catch the shuttle back to PVCC, the words of some of our newest citizens ruminated through my mind. They were excited to be here. They had sacrificed much and worked hard to get here. Despite all of its faults, America is still the greatest nation of the face of this sphere. They know that. Most of the audience knows that. It is too bad that those few individuals, who had to be escorted away, could not have borne witness to their testimony. On second thought, since every sinew of their corporal form is closed to anything that does not hate and besmirch this country, that would be like casting pearl before swine. Those protestors are indicative of a diseased and misdirected mind. They are the result of the cultural battle that has been taking place for the last few decades.

Good will always be under attack on this side of heaven. America may have forgotten that. Our soldiers from what has been called the greatest generation, came home conquering heroes. It was thought that the battle was over. Instead, enemies saw that a resolute nation adhering to the faith of their founders could not be shaken. Our enemies sought to corrupt us from within. They attacked America in such a fashion, that we would erode our foundation, and allow our society, culture, and system of government to be derailed, and the weight would fall in upon itself. Therefore, the very generation of Americans, who had the very best given to them, at the least expense, found their minds open to the corruption of the socialist/communist agenda. The children of the greatest generation, would become the very ones in whom the seeds of destruction would germinate.

We see the reaping of that crop now. We have seen our constitution trampled. We have seen our government turn right into wrong, and wrong into right so many times over the past four decades-who is able to tell good from evil anymore? This immorality that infects some of the highest offices in our land is a disease both contagious and virulent. It infects and sickens the very heart of the American people.

There are those of us who ask, “Where did our country go?” We can not travel anywhere to enjoy the rich history of this nation, and to teach our children, without some radical agenda being stuffed down our throats. We are constantly hearing belittling remarks and innuendo that impugn our founding fathers. Like any infection, the body looks fine, while the disease incubates.

Under the veneer of success and achievement, there dwells in this country, a soul in torment. We are a nation that has lost touch with its ideals. What has become of them? What has become of the truths we hold to be self-evident? What has become of our dreams? Have the love child barbarians from the sixties taken them?

I still believe in this nation. I grew up in American Legion Posts and VFW Halls. I have heard the stories from men who were there. Stories that Steven Speilberg and Tom Hanks will never think to put on the screen. I hold to the original principles this nation was founded upon, and what it and they stand for. I believe in the fundamental ideals we once adored.

More importantly, I will make sure my sons believe and understand them as well. In so doing, I, and those like me, will be true to the ideals and aspirations of these United States. We will continue the covenant began by the men of 1776, and they need not repent in heaven, for the labors and sacrifices, they made during their time here on earth.

Hank Martin, Albemarle County

More to come...