Thursday, July 3, 2008

Have You Seen Any "Peace" Groups Protest Or Disrupt These Events?

The "peace" groups that foment and stage public protests, disrupt events on both public and private property, and rely on lies and hate-filled, America-bashing propaganda to advance their actual agenda, consistently garner great publicity - and sympathy - from journalists at all levels.

Isn't it interesting that no journalist we're aware of has ever asked the "peace" groups within central Virginia why - if they actually believe in their publicly-stated mission statements - they have never protested at, or disrupted the following?

The September 7, 2007 speech at the University of Virginia by former Iranian president Mohammed Khatami?

U.S. State Department has for many years named Iran as "a major state sponsor of terror." Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and many other groups have repeatedly documented Iran's murder and horrific abuses of its own citizens, under Khatami's rule (1997-2004). Despite this, UVa invited him to speak on a "dialogue of civilizations."

Khatami admits to funding and arming
Hezbollah (estimate: $100 million per year), the militant jihadist group that is responsible for murdering more Americans than any group prior to al Qaeda's attacks on 9/11. Hezbollah - which funds, trains and arms the murderers of Israeli civilians. Hezbollah - whose rallies routinely proclaim "Death To America!!!," and whose leader claims that "if the Jews would just gather in Israel, it would save us the trouble of hunting them down worldwide." While Khatami was president, Iran was murdering homosexuals and women who dared to have premarital sex, or acted in "provocative" ways. Some classic Khatami quotes from 2005: "America is the root of worldwide terror...(I)t's difficult to distinguish between President Bush and Osama bin Laden... (W)e love Hezbollah." Khatami also proclaimed that Iran's support for and relationship with Hezbollah and Hamas - another group dedicated to the mass murder of Jews - "is eternal."
Strangely, no "peace" groups protested or disrupted Khatami's speech at UVa.

The Saudi-funded "hate schools" in Fairfax and Alexandria? These schools have been documented to utilize textbooks that teach their students that according to the Koran, they are divinely permitted to murder and take the property of those who do not believe in Islam; that Jews are the source of all the world's problems, and should be singled out for particular cruelty, etc.; and that Muslims have a divine right to take over the world, by force, if necessary.

Strangely, no "peace" groups protested either of these schools, or disrupted any of their "classes" or meetings.

The speeches and events held throughout Virginia by representatives of the Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is documented to be a front group for terrorists, and an unindicted co-conspirator in their funding?
Strangely, no "peace" groups have disrupted or protested any of CAIR's meetings or speeches.
Why is it that the only target for these supposed "peace" groups is the one nation that has acted consistently to liberate people from oppression, and which has provided more opportunity and freedom to the victims of oppression, than any nation in the world?

There are principled, patriotic, intellectually consistent arguments that can be made against America's actions in the post-9/11 world in which we have found ourselves. And we're sure there are groups dedicated to genuine "peace" whose words - and actions - fit this description. Let them be recognized, celebrated and encouraged.

But what are normal Americans (and central Virginians) to make of the fact that the only "peace" groups that seem to garner widespread attention, and which make the loudest noises, are those that are consumed with hatred for America and its basic principles? "Peace" groups which, via their silence, essentially give a "free pass" to the world's most vicious killers - so long as they also express their hatred for America? And groups which, upon close analysis, utilize almost the same talking points, lies and propaganda that America's enemies employ?

These are things that are worth thinking about when we observe how the Monticello ceremonies play out - and for the future, as well.



Anonymous said...

keep up the good work. 'peace' should not be allowed to be hijacked by anarchist wackos who support the enemies of freedom.

TJ411 said...

Thank you.

You might think about sending your comment in to the local news media... because they haven't gotten the memo.