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Dissecting A Top News Article


July 1, 2008

This morning, the Daily Progress, Charlottesville's only daily newspaper, hit the streets with this above-the-fold story:

Tickets Limited For Bush’s Monticello Visit

The following is a dissection and analysis of the rational, irrational and outright misleading statements that the story contains, in key passages.

Keep in mind that at the time the article was written, the Charlottesville Center For Peace & Justice's (CCP&J) hatred-filled, anarchist-tinged statements were available for anyone to see, here and here. And with a little more digging, the following "peaceful" exchange could have been found, at the CvilleNews.com blogthread that's dedicated to this subject, between David Swanson of the CCP&J and another user:
Jan Jun 30th, 2008 at 8:28 am
Write to Dan Jordan and his Board of Directors and let them know how shameful their actions are to Mr. Jefferson’s legacy.

That’s what I did. I imagine if Jordon got hundreds of emails and letters protesting a criminal coming to Monticello, it may give them pause. At the very least it would show them how pissed off local citizens are about this.

Closing down 53 with a mass march would be another option-lots of press coverage for sure. Letters to the editor protesting this shameful action on the part of Monticello would be another option.

David Swanson Jun 30th, 2008 at 8:32 am
Jan,Good ideas!
(Note: Route 53 is the road that leads into Monticello)

And just in case those posts mysteriously disappear, I have a PDF of the entire thread, which I will gladly forward upon request - and which includes the many instances in which Mr. Swanson calls anyone who disagrees with him Nazis, fascists, etc.

With that introduction, let's get to the dissection.
As of Monday, the White House had not announced when or where the president will arrive. “We’ll have more information on the president’s itinerary as we get closer to the end of the week,” said Blair Jones, White House spokesman.

When that happens, local activists plan on being there.
Well, here we go. Anyone who decides that the laws don’t pertain to him or her, and who has professed a supposed “right” to break the law to advance his or her political views, is not an “activist.” He or she is an anarchist.
“I’ve met with people in various peace groups,” said David Swanson, a Central Virginia peace advocate and political activist.
“Peace advocate." Right. We’ll get back to that misnomer a bit later, and on a follow-up blogthread.
(Swanson) “We’re planning on a making a public statement out there so people will know [Bush is] not welcome.”
Let's ponder that one for a moment:

“…so people will know [Bush is] not welcome.”

First, who are the “people” that Swanson is referring to?
Answer: No one knows, because no one asked. Implication: Anyone who dares to disagree with Mr. Swanson and his fellow "activists."

Second, who says that President Bush is “not welcome”?
Answer: No one - at least no one in any position of authority (being that Monticello is private property - and they are hosting the event).

Third, who elected Mr. Swanson to speak for anyone but himself – and possibly the CCP&J?
Answer: No one.

Fourth, when did the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, which owns and operates Monticello – which is private property – delegate Swanson as their policy spokesman?
Answer: They haven’t.

What you are witnessing here is not "peace," nor "activism," but rather, it is the classic definition of fascism.

Under fascism (and its variants, including communist and theocratic totalitarianism), a gang appoints themselves to speak for others – usually, to advocate what they define as the “common interests," and often, against a manufactured "enemy."

Of course, it is irrelevant to the gang whether their views conflict with many or most of the "people." Their only purpose, and mission, is to impose their code of morality and justice on others, by means of force, intimidation and/or terror. If this means taking over the streets, people's homes, businesses and government offices, then so be it. And of course, they need observe no laws; they become the law. Why? Because they believe they're "right," and thus, they are their own authority - and heaven help anyone who opposes them.

Note: For a great 10-minute introduction to political-social systems, see the video at the end of this thread.
Swanson said activists across the state have been calling and e-mailing Monticello and asking officials to uninvite Bush. “[Monticello officials] say they are inviting the office of president, not the man,” Swanson said. “But the chairs and lamps aren’t going to show up. The man will.”
Yes, he will. And given that George W. Bush is President of the United States of America, and that Monticello is private property, and its fiduciaries can invite or disinvite whomever they wish, Mr. Swanson and his “activist” friends can protest all they want.
Swanson was organizing a protest for 8:30 a.m. Friday at the first parking lot on the right side of Route 53 off Route 20. However, Monticello officials said Monday that the parking lot would be closed.
Now this is really funny. This is merely a continuation of Mr. Swanson’s apparent view that he and his fellow travelers need observe no laws (again, because they’re “right”), but rather, that they could essentially commandeer a publicly-funded park, without first applying for and receiving a permit.
In reaction to possible anti-Bush protests, one blog titled “Welcome to Charlottesville, President Bush” is encouraging the president’s supporters to join a counter-protest.
Thanks for the shout-out!
(Thomas Jefferson Foundation president Dan) Jordan shrugged when asked about the planned protests. “It’s a free country,” he said.
Amen, brother.
Past visits to Monticello by Bill Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev and Margaret Thatcher all drew vitriolic protests, Jordan said. “Every major head of state has brought a lot of resistance,” he said. “It always happens. But Monticello is above politics.”
Well, Monticello should be above politics.

Unfortunately, according to local “peace activists” – who, by their own words, actions and proposed/threatened actions, can only be classified as anarchists (or wanna-be anarchists) – Monticello is fair game for whatever they want to do to it.

Never mind that Monticello is private property.

Never mind that the CCP&J and these "activists" have absolutely no lawful control whatsoever over what the Thomas Jefferson Foundation does or does not do.

Never mind the laws that govern the use of taxpayer-funded parks, roadways, etc.

Because local anarchists such as Mr. Swanson believe they’re “right,” they need observe no law, no perimeter of private property, no code of common decency or decorum.

News flash, Mr. Swanson, CCP&J and fellow travelers:
If you want to organize a rally to protest President Bush, fine. Do it on your own property. Or, if you want to use the public property that we all pay for and have a right to enjoy, then go apply for a permit - and if granted, have at it.

And if you don’t see why you have to observe these laws and basic tenets, then I’m confident that our taxpayer-funded law enforcement personnel will be glad to explain it all to you - with clarity and conviction.

UPDATE July 1 @ 8:45pm:

The blog has received a report that Mr. Swanson was allowed to make the following statement (verbatim or near-verbatim) to the local news media, which accepted it without question, and didn't challenge him on a single aspect of it - despite the volumes of evidence that would justify it. Now awaiting the audio and/or video file. Apparently, this sound bite was repeated throughout the day on radio and possibly TV. How lazy and non-inquisitive (if not enabling) can the local media be, to let something this egregious slide?
"I certainly hope that no one disrupts anyone who's becoming a citizen (at the July 4 naturalization ceremony at Monticello). But I would like becoming a citizen to mean something, not being a citizen of a dictatorship, but a citizen of a democracy."
As for "disrupting" the ceremony, the only one who has been repeatedly fomenting a drive to do so has been Mr. Swanson himself, as has been documented throughout this blog.

As for the rest, anyone who knows a modicum of truth about history, knows that the above is an irredeemable insult to anyone who survived/escaped from a real dictatorship - including possibly some who will become citizens on July 4, at Monticello. It is also a colossal lie about America - but who's counting at this point?

And yet, the news media that just accepted such a statement, and repeated it throughout the day, either doesn't know this - or doesn't care, because there's no way Mr. Swanson would have uttered it if he knew or suspected he'd be challenged on it - or on his many other outrageous, incendiary statements.

One can't help but wonder: Would the news media just blindly accept a similarly incendiary statement made about Barack Obama's seedy past, or his prospective presidency, without challenge? For anyone who believes that, there's a bridge in Brooklyn...


BONUS: A 10-minute video primer on political-social systems - well worth watching to gain an appreciation of the ideas we celebrate in America on July 4th --- versus the alternatives that some "peace activists" lust after, and act as perpetual apologists and enablers for (which I'll be covering in a future blogthread).


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