Thursday, July 3, 2008

Who - And What - Is Really Behind Many “Peace” Groups?

There are principled, honest arguments that can be made against America's engagement in certain military actions. Patriots have been engaging this debate for generations.

We would like to think that many anti-"War On Terror" critics here in Charlottesville, including those at the Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice (CCP&J), can be counted among these ranks.

Then, however, there are subversives - who hide behind the benevolent cloak of being "peace" activists, when in fact they are espousing vicious, lie-filled America-bashing, tyranny-endorsing propaganda. Usually, these groups are most active in America's larger, more left-leaning cities - such as San Francisco, Berkeley, etc.

Yet CCP&J "friend" (and apparent board member), and commando of their website's front page, David Swanson - who has been fomenting the drive for protests and disruption of the Monticello ceremonies - is,
by his own admission, affiliated with one of the most notorious communist-socialist front groups, "United For Peace & Justice."

On the surface, who could be against "peace" and "justice"? Well, take a look behind the veil, at their
Member Groups Directory link, and UP&J admits which sub-groups constitute its membership (mission statements in parentheses):
Communist Party USA (link)

Socialist Party USA (link)

Young Communist League (link)

Democratic Socialists of America (link)

Freedom Road Socialist Organization (link)

Freedom Socialist Party (link)

International Socialist Organization (link)

Socialist Alternative (link)

Socialist Party USA (link)

Young Democratic Socialists of America (link)

Read those mission statements carefully, and if you dare, compare them to The Communist Manifesto, which has been the guiding principle for those responsible for the murder/death of at least 100 million people during the twentieth century. (on the domestic front, also check out the "Current Communist Goals" section of the book, The Naked Communist - back in 1963)

Here is a
basic expose' on the real background of, and players who lead the UP&J.
The socialist-communist ideology (no matter how cleverly disguised via Orwellian word games) has been proven time after time to achieve the exact opposite of its supposed goals of "peace" and "justice." This is not because it wasn't practiced by the correct leadership, but because at its root, it is fundamentally anti-freedom, anti-peace, anti-justice and anti-human.

When is the last time you heard a journalist challenge the individuals behind these "peace" movements, and demand that they come clean on what a substantial portion of their members (and "member groups") are really advocating? The last time an enterprising reporter traced the funding of these groups back to the sources? For the vast majority of us, the answer is: "Never."

And it is for this reason that it may not be that surprising that even on the local level, no matter how sincere, principled and patriotic some (or even most) of the CCP&J's members may be, the Charlottesville news media has yet to challenge a single outrageous, America-bashing, lie-filled propaganda statement by any member of any local supposed "peace" activist group.

To further validate this double-standard, can you imagine how the local news media would react if it discovered that a group with "peace" in its name was actually comprised of, and echoed the sentiments of groups advocating Naziism/fascism (which are ideologies that are responsible, at most, for less than a quarter the deaths of socialism-communism)?

You would never hear the end of it, until they were fully exposed, confronted and ideologically excoriated (and rightfully so, in this blog's opinion).

So for those who ask, "Why is this blog so intent on discussing the CCP&J/David Swanson issue?", this is the answer: Because this analysis is long, long overdue. Because the local news media has simply taken whatever any group with "peace" in its name has said, on face value, without a modicum of skepticism or analysis. And in the case of Mr. Swanson, as discussed earlier, they simply take whatever he says as gospel - no matter how contradictory to his other statements.

For those interested in learning more, particularly about the ideological and funding sources of many in the "peace" movement, here are some good articles to start with:

The Politics of Peace: What’s Behind the Anti-War Movement? by John J. Tierney

Anti-War Crowd Backs Notorious Dictators, Communists by Kathleen Rhodes

Saddam's Useful Idiots: Stalin Would Be Proud by James K. Glassman

Pacifists Versus Peace by Dr. Thomas Sowell

The Next "Peace" Protest Will Be Brought to You By a Castro Groupie by John Perazzo

Anti-War, My Foot: The Phony Peaceniks Who Protested In Washington by Christopher Hitchens

Reds Still: The Story No One Wants To Hear About The Antiwar Movement by Byron York

The Terrorists' Leftist PR Machine by Jacob Laksin

A Terrorist Appeal To The Left by Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Erick Stakelbeck

ANSWER, Antiwar Rallies And Support For Terror Organizations by the Anti-Defamation League

The Real Reasons Behind The Peace Movement by Vasko Kohlmayer

And if you doubt any allegations contained in the above articles, do the research yourself.

On this issue, you will almost have to - because practically none of today's journalists, on the local or national level, are willing to cross this bridge.

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