Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is Iran Funding The CCP&J? This Blog Reports, You Decide!!!

On Friday, July 18, the Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice (CCP&J), the local band of America-bashing anarchists and Marxists disguised as “peace activists,” preemptively and unilaterally invaded the historic Downtown Mall. (Lest we forget, exactly two weeks ago, they launched their July 4 assault on Monticello.)

This latest unprovoked assault was part of th
e CCP&J's continuing campaign of America-subverting hysteria, lies and propaganda. In this case, though, their peace-disrupting action was dedicated to their “Don’t Attack Iran” nutjobbery.

See the glories of the CCP&J's event for yourself (even though this little jewel is only 6 minutes long, Valium or other strong sedatives are highly recommended):

The questions around the WTCPB blog water cooler have been:
What could possibly cause a group of (supposed) Americans to act like this?

What could cause the CCP&J to publish such incendiary slanders against the U.S. military - then lie about its affi
liation with the author of such diatribes? (more here)

What could cause them to focus all their wrath, hatred and propaganda against their own nation – while refusing to protest, or vehemently and publicly denounce the (real) world's most vicious, bloodthirsty savages, and their enablers, when they hold events in Virginia?

Where sort of Stalinist silly putty must occupy their cranial cavities for them to think that their "Resolution Against Attacking Iran" should be voted on by City Council, on August 4, to supposedly speak for all of Charlottesville, to the world? Where is that in the City charter?

And what could cause them to claim on their little blog that, because a handful of their barking moonbats like these they invaded the Downtown Mall, "Charlottesville Virginia Says Don't Attack Iran"? See below screenshot (click to enlarge). Is this not reminiscent of the CCP&J's previously-published, fascistic statements --- that according to them, "Bush is not welcome at Monticello, or in Charlottesville"? What is it with Marxist anarchists that they think they are divinely appointed to speak for everyone?

Well, today we may have found our answer.
As noted here, this blog signed up to be on the CCP&J’s official mailing list, to ensure we get the latest installments of America-bashing hatred and propaganda, fresh off their electronic press.

So we couldn’t have been more (or less?) surprised to receive what appears to be an accidental email forward from the CCP&J --- containing a letter sent to them from none other than the Iranian psycho himself, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

22JULY08 XMIT@22:08GMT



From: BigMahmoud@NukesRFun.ir

To: My.Toadies@charlottesvillepeace.org

Subject: Thank you, my friends!!!

Dear Toadies at the Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice:

I just received the link to the video of your hilarious protest on Charlottesville’s Historic Downtown Mall on Friday!!

The mullahs and I had a long, good, hearty laugh over your antics. I wanted to write personally to thank you for your most excellent work recently on behalf of Iran --- and to the detriment of your infidel nation, particularly its leadership and military personnel.

As you know, for many years Iran has been funding, arming and training some of the most merciless, brutal savages in the world. You know the ones – who indoctrinate their toddlers to believe that their highest mission in life is to die while murdering Jews and infidels; who butcher civilians and their children; who hijack jetliners; and who lob rockets into civilian areas to make political points.

Although I have certainly taken this effort to a new height, my predecessors and I have been steadily building Iran into a state that will be capable of credibly threatening, if not destroying, other nations in the Middle East. This is doubly true for Israel, which I have repeatedly and publicly said that I want to remove from the face of the Earth. So of course I am thrilled that you have continued to refuse to rise to Israel's defense, in any instance, no matter how hard, often or brutally we assault its people.

The American government, and even the spineless European
welfare states you worship, have been ramping up opposition to our activities --- and particularly, my efforts over the last four years to construct an arsenal of nuclear weapons, and the missiles with which to deliver them. That’s how over-the-top our threats and actions have been. Even our Eurotrash appeasers are finally recognizing our threat, but the legions of barking "peace activist" moonbats we've supported in their nations have rendered them too impotent to do anything about it, by themselves.

As that infidel author Mark Steyn noted, it really is “America Alone” right

But you, my friends, have ignored all that I and Iran have done. You won't say one word about it in any of your propaganda.

You even honored my request that
you viciously denounce America, while engaging in a subversive campaign to help protect Iran, and our growing arsenal of offensive weaponry - in exchange for my providing funding for your little treehouse gang, and Birkenstocks, granola and Che Gueverra t-shirts for all your members.

Instead of condemning me and my regime – as any group that is sincerely dedicated to “peace” and “justice” would – you echo all the propaganda talking points that I and the mullahs vomit up: that America is the source of all the world's problems, your leaders are warmongers, and your soldiers are coldblooded sadists. (And oh, it was hilarious the way you claimed that Thomas Jefferson was some kind of pacifist, and would approve of your actions – when any casual student of history knows that he was the first U.S. president to fight back against jihadist barbarians.)

It’s not like we haven’t given you ample reason to denounce Iran. We murder gays and hang them in the streets (see right). We murder young women who have premarital sex, are raped, or attempt to protect themselves from being raped, or dress provocatively. We cut off the hands of youths accused of petty theft. We brutally suppress all forms of dissent*. (*In a supreme irony, it is Iran's jailed "peace activists" who hate and denounce US, while they express their love and respect for the USA, which has shed blood and untold treasure to liberate 50 million of their fellow Muslims, in two nations.)

We have even been providing the tools and training with which Iraqi jihadists have been murdering your own U.S. soldiers, whom you claim to be speaking out on behalf of.

Yet in the face of all this, you remain silent, instead opting to focus all your rage, lies and propaganda against President Bush. Now, with your “Don’t Attack Iran” campaign, you’ve solidified my warm feelings for you.

(And that line in the video by one of your toadies about how Bush wants to invade Iran and take our oil... now that was just, hilarious!!! Even we hadn't thought that lie up!!! Too funny. After all you must know about Iran, for you to take your propaganda to that level, wow!!! Keep this up and you'll soon be as admired by me as much as the larger America-subverting, jihadist-appeasing groups that disguise themselves as "peace activists.")

As a token of my appreciation, I invite all CCP&J toadies to come up to New York, so that you can continue your demonstrations outside of the United Nations, where I, too, will be denouncing Bush and America later this year. We can have sweet tea together!!! And if you’d like, I’d be happy to provide transportation and lodging expenses for up to ten members of your little band of useful idiots (errrr… I mean toadies).

So again, thank you very much, my friends.

Peace out!!!


P.S.: The mullahs also asked me to congratulate you on how well you've duped the local news media into believing that you're actually "peace activists." This obviously bodes very, very well for my upcoming speech at the UN!!! It kind of reminds me of how last year I was able to dupe ABC's Diane Sawyer into believing that I'm actually concerned about human welfare and "human rights." Yep, we're all "peace activists" now... (bwahahahahaha!!! I love that one...).

P.P.S.: Thought you'd like to see how some other toadies I fund are doing my bidding. I and the mullahs have titled this wonderful video, "Live, from Santa Barbara, CA... it's America-Bashing, Jihadist-Apologist Marxists and Anarchists -- LIVE!!!" Watch for a special moment you'll love at about 6 minutes in.

Hat-tip to that infidel witch Michelle Malkin's HotAir site, here. For the background of the group of infidel pigs doing the interviewing, click here.

Now remember, my CCP&J toadie anarchists, as you see in this video, because you believe you are "right," you can do whatever you want, to whomever you want, whenever you want --- just as you did at Monticello. Viva le anarchists!!! (I got that from my friend and fellow psycho, Hugo Chavez)



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