Saturday, June 28, 2008

The CCP&J's Myths About Iraq & Bush - Debunked

With nauseating regularity, the news media - from the local to the national level - just accepts whatever groups supposedly dedicated to "peace" say, without question or analysis. The same thing has happened here in Charlottesville, in regards to the
Charlottesville Center for Peace & Justice (CCP&J), which is asking for its members to protest at this event.

One prevalent myth is that President Bush "lied" us into war in Iraq.

This video demonstrates that if anyone "lied" us into war in Iraq, the Democrats on Capitol Hill had as big a voice as any - since 1998:

Where did these many Democrats get such an itch to invade Iraq, over so long a period of time? Could be here: Going further back in history, here is Al Gore in September 1992, viciously condemning the former President Bush for not invading Iraq during the first Gulf War, due to what Gore contends was Iraq's clear involvement in, and support of global Islamist terrorism:

Here are some more links that help to demolish the myth that President Bush lied us into the Iraq war:

The CCP&J and other groups also propagate the myth that they are the ones who support, and speak for American soldiers in Iraq. Here are some Iraq war veterans who eviscerate the myths that groups like the CCP&J rely upon, and perpetuate:

  • Vets For Freedom - Veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who are making their voices heard, against the constant stream of "peace" protester propaganda (video links; learn more at home link)
  • Iraq Vets For Congress - A growing number of Iraq war veterans who are running for Congressional seats in the 2008 election, on a "win-the-war" platform

Lastly, here are some more U.S. soldiers who tell a very different story than what the CCP&J and similar organizations would have you believe about their work in Iraq:

Bush As President In Post-9/11 America

The fact remains that despite Bush's flaws, and legitimate points for opposition to some of his policies, he did what many (if not most) of us thought would be impossible in the aftermath of 9/11:

  • He prevented any further attacks on America for the next seven years - despite numerous attempts, from the small to the large-scale
  • Via his foreign policies, and under his direction, America's military forces have liberated 50 million individuals from Islamist tyranny, helped to establish nascent freedom in its place, and dealt a progressively worsening blow to Islamist terrorists around the world
  • In the wake of the dot-com implosion and the resulting recession of 2000 (which occurred before he even took office), he presided over a continuously expanding economy (though less so than had he adopted more free-market, small-government policies)
So let's give a little credit where it's due, ok?

If you have any links that help to counter the CCP&J's propaganda concerning these important issues, please forward them to:

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