Saturday, June 28, 2008


It now appears that the CCP&J is going to be creating placards to display at their Monticello protest (and probably around Charlottesville) during President Bush's visit. We all can anticipate what kinds of horrendous, inflammatory things their placards will say.

Counter-demonstrators will need counter-placards, to make their voices heard.

The fact remains that despite Bush's flaws, and legitimate points for opposition to some of his policies, he did what many (if not most) of us thought would be impossible in the aftermath of 9/11:

  • He prevented any further attacks on America for the next seven years - despite numerous attempts, from the small to the large-scale
  • Via his foreign policies, America's military forces liberated 50 million individuals from Islamist tyranny, helped to establish nascent freedom in its place, and dealt a progressively worsening blow to Islamist terrorists around the world
  • In the wake of the dot-com implosion and the resulting recession of 2000 (which occurred before he even took office), he presided over a continuously expanding economy (though less so than had he adopted more free-market, small-government policies)

That's a lot to put on a placard!!

So, while everyone's invited to create their own counter-placards if they're so inclined, for expediency, I've taken the liberty of creating a simple placard that you can download here and print out for yourself:

Download the 8.5" x 11" version here. If you have any difficulty, send an email to and you'll receive a full-size PDF.

Print out copies for your friends, and display them as you see fit (but please, within the confines of the best of Jeffersonian decorum and felicity). Thank you.



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